Golden West Genesee Mountain Shuttle Service

Golden West provides regular, scheduled passenger shuttle service between : Denver International Airport or Denver Hotels And the Genesee Mountain :

Genesee is reported to be a Native American term for "shining valley." Cut by I-70, the Park is in two parts. To the south of I-70, Genesee Mountain offers a 360-degree view from its 8,284-foot summit, with Mount Vernon Canyon below. Bald Mountain, at 7,988 feet, is a prominent point on the north side of the park. On the north, the Park reaches all the way to Clear Creek Canyon, with its lowest elevation of 6,280 feet at the bottom.

Denver's largest mountain park, Genesee offers diverse visitor experiences, from group gatherings and individual picnicking to bison-watching along I-70 at Exit 254 and backcountry hiking on the historic Beaver Brook Trail.

The Genesee Mountain Trail is a new addition to Genesee park and is meant to be the main hiking thoroughfare.  From the Genesee Mountain Trail you can split off to the Genesee Summit Trail or the American Bison Trail, and you can connect to the Chief Hosa Trail as well. The hike traces a route around the Middle Bison Pasture providing views of both mountains and, possibly, the bison herd.


Renting a car costs a lot in Denver. Shuttles bring you right to your hotel or home, avoiding rental car taxes, fees and fuel expenses and you won’t have to clean snow off of your rental car! Rental cars are not needed and often are not driven except to and from the Denver Airport. Avoid parking hassles and don’t worry about driving through the Rocky Mountains or road conditions. Golden West’ drivers are trained for Colorado’s weather, and will deliver you confidently to start your ski trip off right.

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